Monday, October 24, 2005

The fisc

The fisc
Eposide 1

1.Q:When did Jerry give money to a groupe of charity who was not a real one and that now he have problem whit the fisc.
A:At the first date of him and Helene.
2.Q:Why did Jerry think that George can help him?
A:Because George`s girlfriend works as a accountant.
3.Q:Why did Jerry think that now Patricia will not want to help him?
A:Because George and Patricia broke off.
4.Why Patricia let George alone at the coffe and went to a psychiatrique hospital?
A:Because George thell her the true, he said that she was egoiste and she just make a depresion and went in the hospital
5.What did Patricia does that she just can not help Jerry even if she want it?
A:Because she was mad of George, she throwed all the paper that he gave to her. Those paper was the one she needed to help Jerry.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

My tv program


Seinfeld is a funny show about the life of a comedian, Jerry Seinfeld. To make it real, in the program Jerry is a comedian and we can see a part of his one-man-show at the beginning of every episode. This part of the episode introduces us to the rest of that one. As the program continues we meet the main characters of Jerry’s life. The most important ones are Helen, one of Jerry’s ex-girlfriend who’s always there to make fun of him, George, Jerry’s best friend and his strange neighbor Kramer.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The fix-up

Seinfeld season 3
Episode 6 , The fix up

The show began with a supper for Helen and her friend Cynthia and in another place at the same time for Jerry and his friend George. After supper, Helen met Jerry at his apartment and both got the good idea to fix up their two friends together. We saw after the big project how they tried to convince Cynthia and George that both are good people and how they can go together. They finally had a date and spent a night together but maybe not for good at that point of the episode. For the rest of the show we learn how the first night was and how a maybe baby made all the difference.